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Quality education in the early and fundamental stage is a must for every child. Passion for Quality and excellence should be kindled and instilled in the Young Impressionable minds.


The name of the School, LITTLE DIAMONDS and its Motto,  Character, Concern & Compassion reflects our belief that every Diamond turned out from this Institution will develop True Competency , the best Character and above all Concern for the World around.

M.D. Chielo Kitchley.jpg

Er.M.D. Chielo Kitchley




Our School believes in holistic development of the students. Our students are Global Citizens with habits and thought process to build a better India and the World.They are trained to be highly ambitious and do very well once they pass out of the school. They show very strong leadership qualities and possess excellent communication skills.


Our Curriculum is very structured and designed with a balance of Academics and Co-Curricular areas.

Jeni _C._Kitchley

Mrs. Jeni  C. Kitchley



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